Hydrafacial, an anti-aging care method, is used to renew the skin and treat acne and blemishes; It is a painless procedure that cleans the skin deeply, working with vacuum.

What are the benefits of Hydrafacial skin care?

Hydrafacial skin care allows the skin to breathe and brings a healthy, bright appearance by eliminating skin tone imbalances, narrowing the pores, cleaning acne, blackheads and pores without damaging the skin. It also plays a role in removing fine wrinkles. It cleans down to the lowest layer of the skin. It is recommended to apply once a month depending on the skin’s needs.

How is Hydrafacial applied?

It is an easy method that can be applied by accelerating the metabolism and renewal of cells without feeling any pain.

What are the Hydrafacial skin care stages?

⁃ First of all, the cleaning process is carried out by selecting a product suitable for the skin type of the person to be treated. At this stage, make-up and dirt are removed from the skin and the pores are opened.

⁃ Afterwards, peeling appropriate for your skin type is applied, especially to porous areas.

⁃ As the third stage, deep cleaning is applied with the help of the device.

⁃ After applying mask and serum suitable for your skin type,

⁃ The skin is deeply moisturized with a moisturizer suitable for the skin.

⁃ Finally, apply sunscreen suitable for your skin type.

What are the advantages of Hydrafacial skin care?

The system, which is applied to all ages and skin types, regardless of gender, in all seasons, minimizes the effects the skin is exposed to and maintains the skin’s moisture balance. No pain or pain is felt, it is extremely comfortable. It is effective for a long time. After application, visible healing occurs and provides a healthy appearance. It narrows the pores and helps remove acne, blackheads and blemishes. It reduces fine wrinkles with regular application. It prevents excessive oiliness, maintains the skin’s moisture balance and increases its elasticity. It does not negatively affect the person’s social life after application.

How often should Hydrafacial skin care be repeated?

⁃ If it is applied for treatment purposes, 4-6 sessions are recommended, one week apart. However, if it is to be applied for cosmetic purposes, repeating it once a month is sufficient.

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