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    We apply your wishes with special care by producing personalized and professional solutions in cosmetic and dermatological procedures. You can contact us to get information about our treatment methods.

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    Dermatology Specialist

    Dr. Şermin Filiz

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    Some of the Trusted Reviews

    “I had Mrs. Şermin get under eye filler and paris glow, I was very pleased. I was particularly hesitant about the under eye filler, but she made me feel very comfortable. She is a very natural and sincere doctor. It has been 6 months since the procedure and I did not have any problems. She was very pleased with her. thank you.”

    “Ms. Şermin is a successful and reassuring doctor in her field. The fact that she tells the treatment process and what your expectations should be like honestly before starting the treatment makes her very special. Thanks to mesotherapy, which I have been seeing for a few months, my hair is healthier, more vibrant and less shedding compared to before. He is such a sweet and friendly person!”
    “I went to Ms. Şermin for spot treatment, I was in a very hopeless and exhausted state. We have come a long way in a short time with her smiling face, her command of her job, and the confidence she has given. My treatment is not over yet, we will continue in the winter and I trust my doctor very much, I’m glad I got to know her.”

    “I would like to thank my doctor Ms. Ayşe Şermin for her interest and most of all her smiling face. They always make me feel that they care about and take into account all my questions and problems during my treatment process, I am very lucky to know them.”

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    Şermin Filiz, MD

    Dermatology Specialist

    Dr. Şermin Filiz works with her entire team to provide you with the highest quality healthcare service with state-of-the-art treatment methods. You can contact us to make an appointment for our dermatological solutions or to ask your questions, and you can get detailed information.