Evidence dating back to the ancient Egyptian era highlights people’s centuries-long desire to look more vibrant, bright, smooth, youthful and attractive. While the average life expectancy was 20-30 years old in ancient times, thanks to the developing technology, treatment methods, and improving living standards, we age better, healthier and live longer. This long “life” also comes with an increase in the desire for “youth”.

Aging, prolonged and intense exposure to sunlight, some dermatological diseases and genetic characteristics, environmental factors such as air pollution, high UV exposure, inconvenient habits such as solarium or smoking cause the skin to lose its youthful, bright and smooth appearance. As a result, we are left with a dull, dull, stained, irregular surface and lifeless skin.

Cosmetic dermatology applications offer us many non-surgical treatment alternatives that are easy to apply, have a short recovery time, and slow down the natural aging processes of the skin. It offers personalized and effective solutions to many problems that we see on our skin.

After your dermatological examination, personalized treatment methods and protocols are determined.

One of the biggest advantages of cosmetic dermatology applications is that patients can easily return to their social lives after the applications, as well as obtaining natural and effective results.

Cosmetic Dermatology Services provided in our clinic;

• Neurotoxin treatment (wrinkles, teeth clenching (bruxism), excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) treatment)

Filler treatments (lip filler, chin and jaw line filler, under-eye filler, face filler, temple filler, cheekbone filler, etc.)

Mesotherapy (anti-aging, firming, jowl thinner, spot reducing, healing support, eye area mesotherapies, hair loss treatments, matrix vaccine, moisture vaccine, paris glow, dna glow and more)


• Chemical peeling

• Enzymatic peeling

• Carbon peeling(pore tightening, regulating sebum balance, reducing skin oiliness)

Flow needle radiofrequency (acne scar treatment, skin rejuvenation and tightening, wrinkle treatment, scar treatment, rosacea treatment, melasma treatment) •

Laser treatments(tattoo removal, spot treatment, treatment of vascular lesions, skin rejuvenation, carbon peeling, pore tightening, sebum balance regulation)

The most important step in obtaining successful results in terms of skin health by using the opportunities offered by medical science and technology is to plan the treatment by making the correct diagnosis.

Entrust your skin to expert hands for your skin health.We welcome everyone who cares about skin health, who wants to add a little sparkle and challenge the years, to our clinic.

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