Melasma often follows the pregnancy and lactation period, but unfortunately, not every treatment is appropriate in this sensitive period.  

Here are a few suggestions to help you control the pigmentation with your daily skin care routine:

1- Vitamin C serum

Reduces pigmentation

Brightens the skin

Prevents DNA damage

Can be used before sunscreen during the day

Attention: It is quite unstable, if it has turned into a dark brown color, it is no longer useful to use it.

2- Niacinamide (Vitamin B3)

Supports the skin barrier

Reduces sensitivity and redness

Reduces pigmentation

Provides a moist and radiant look

Can be used morning and evening

3- Azelaic acid

Prevents melanine production

Helps to minimize the uneven tone

Reduces the appearance of dark spots and redness due to acne and rosacea

Although it can be used morning and evening: 

It takes time for the skin to get used to acidic products. In the beginning, tolerance can be achieved gradually by using it at night and every other day.  

4- Bakuchiol 

A highly tolerant retinol alternative,

So it’s also an antiaging and antioxidant.

Can be used morning and evening

5- Sunscreen

Of course, indispensable

Mineral filters are our preference.

An important point: 

Possible tolerance problems can be avoided if active ingredients are added to the routine gradually. 

My personal recommendation is to start by distributing them at different times, such as morning and evening or every other day, instead of using different active ingredients at the same time 💫

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