What is HIFU?

HIFU, or “High Intense Focused Ultrasound”, is a treatment method that means high-intensity focused ultrasound, which tightens the deep layers of the skin with sound waves.

How is HIFU Applied?

Before HIFU treatment, the needs are determined by the physician and the area to be treated is evaluated. After cleaning the face, a thin layer of ultrasound gel is applied to the face. Afterwards, the head of the device is contacted with the skin, and the targeted, that is, the SMAS layer to be treated, is visualized by ultrasound, and concentrated and focused sound energy is sent to the determined depth. This sound energy causes a controlled temperature increase in the SMAS tissue and triggers the healing processes. SMAS tissue is tightened. The tightening seen in this suspension and carrier connective tissue provides a 3-dimensional tightening and lifting effect on the skin surface.

Who Is a Good Candidate for HIFU Treatment?

It is an ideal treatment method for people who have sagging problems in the face and neck region and do not want to have surgery. Usually, this sagging complaint begins to attract attention in the 30s. Treatment efficiency is higher when applied at early ages and at the beginning of mild sagging.

With Which Devices Is HIFU Applied?

There are many different brands of devices for the HIFU process. Doublo, Doublo Gold, Ultraformer, Ultracel and Ulthera brands are the most frequently used devices in our country. Among these devices, Ulthera, the only FDA-approved device with target detection, is used in our clinic.

How Many Sessions of HIFU Are Applied?

HIFU is a single session treatment method. Although its effects vary according to personal aging factors, it can continue for about 2-3 years.

Is HIFU Treatment Permanent?

Of course, aging and sagging will continue with the effect of chronological aging and gravity. For this reason, the process can be repeated at intervals of 2-3 years.

Does HIFU Replace Face Lift Surgery?

Of course, no energy-based device or non-surgical method can be compared with the results of surgical operations. HIFU treatment is an alternative for those who are looking for non-surgical treatment and are bothered by their existing facial sagging complaints, which helps to reduce the complaints and slows down the aging processes.

Does HIFU Destroy My Own Fat Tissue?

Energy shots at the right depth and dose will not cause any damage to the facial fat.

What Should Be Considered After HIFU?

Temporary tenderness, edema and redness may occur after the procedure. Extremely hot areas such as baths and saunas should not be entered for approximately 2 weeks. Sunscreen should not be neglected. It should be a balanced and healthy diet.

What are the HIFU Treatment Prices? Antalya 2023

Treatment session fees vary according to the width of the area to be applied, the number of shots to be made, the location of the clinic applied and the device treated. You can check our price list and contact us for more information.

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